Save Your Scraps

Here’s a quick tip that will keep your workspace clean and save you some cash in the future.

Don’t throw away your loose ends or toss those knotted skeins in the trash. Save them in a jar. Don’t worry about yarn weight, length, or color, just throw everything in.

Any container will do, but I prefer a jar with a lid to prevent spills. Picking up a mess of yarn is never fun. I started with a mayonnaise jar, but with all the crocheting I’ve been doing lately, I’m going to have to graduate to a bigger container.

Yarn Scrap Uses

  • Stuff your triceratops horns or amigurumi instead of using fiberfill
  • Use a different color yarn as a stitch maker
  • Cut and paste craft projects with children
  • Tie bags closed for a decorative touch of color
  • Gather a bunch of crazy colors for a monster hat

There are probably dozens of different ways to use up those scraps. If you’re not saving them already, grab a jar and start collecting!


  1. 1
    Jennifer Rentner says:

    What a fantastic way to use straps.

  2. 2
    Bear says:

    Also a friend suggested to me to leave a few out for the birds to build nests:)