Micah Makes a Blog

If you told me a year ago that I’d be sitting down to write my first post on my very own blog, I wouldn’t have believed you!

Back then I wasn’t what you would call “tech savvy.” I only turned on my old PC to look for recipes or print an occasional coupon. Between my growing collection of digital photos of my two kids and an effort to streamline our dining room, my husband and I decided to do away with the big desktop in favor of a MacBook.

I wasn’t what you would call “tech savvy.”

Since then I’ve slowly started doing more and more on the computer. First I began following different blogs, then I started posting my own comments. I experimented with eBay and even a little Craigslist. Eventually the laptop became a daily part of my life like baking, crocheting and other fun crafts.

This blog is my attempt to combine technology with my other passions and connect with fellow moms, crocheters or other crafters. Whether you’re already “tech savvy” or just starting out, I hope you’ll take a minute to look around and consider signing up for my monthly newsletter or just say “hello” in the comments. You never know, maybe a year from now you’ll be starting your own blog!


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    Matthew York says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!